So… It’s all over. Today I spent my birthday chilling out on the lovely island of Saint Margeurite just off the coast of Cannes.

The quiet reflection the place afforded was seriously welcome – going straight back to the London smoke after the insanity that is ‘Festival De Cannes’ would be madness for a simple country boy like myself.

Joking apart, I’ve had a truly fabulous time and when I arrive home tomorrow I’ll be replying to all those of you who’ve emailed in the last few days and hassling everyone else I met with some emails of my own. I would reply sooner but making my iPhone battery last is a mission and a half (it’s plugged in while I write this).

So the last day of the competition on Saturday, I saw the film ‘Map of the sounds of Tokyo’. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed as it was meant to focus on the friendship between a sound engineer and a hitwoman. From the title I’d hoped that the engineer’s obsessive recording of every sound would somehow connect to the hitwoman’s story but it never did and the film quickly descended into an account of the sexual relationship between the hitwoman and her target. Then the sound engineer was all but forgotten…

Last night the awards were announced. As I mentioned before I was fairly nonplussed by Haneke’s ‘Das Weisse Band’ so wasn’t overjoyed when it won the Palme d’Or. Of course the film has it’s merits so I’ll have to respect the jury on that one! More pleasing was the Jury prize. I didn’t see ‘Thirst’ which shared it with Andrea Arnold’s ‘Fish Tank’ but for the latter it was certainly well deserved.

The awards for best actress and actor going to Charlotte Gainsbourg for ‘Antichrist’ and the German guy in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ also couldn’t have been more spot on.

I’m disappointed that Elia Suleiman didn’t get a nod but perhaps he’s too quirky. Suffice to say – at the premiere the reaction was a lot better than that of ‘Das Weisse Band’ although it’s hard to tell with Cannes audiences as they seem to walk out of anything. Probably for a party they’ve just been texted about. Did I mention a lot of folk don’t bother switching off their phones?!

Last night’s screening of ‘Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky’ – the closing film of the festival was particularly bad for that. This said, whilst I really enjoyed it, it seemed to focus much more about Stravinsky than Chanel, which may have been too much for those unfamiliar with his work (let’s be honest here – who’s the bigger household name?). It was also quite slow and long – which at an 11pm screening makes it hard to stay awake. I’m looking forward to watching it again when I’m feeling fresher.

So. I’m going to change and head out for dinner and drinks now – it won’t be a late one though. I have a TGV to catch early in the morning and a tent to pack before that!

See you all soon.